Designers Sofa

A well-made sofa is a statement of your house interiors style and is the essence of the living room. Therefore, we have brought together a host of exclusive and designers sofa from cutting edge styles and modern family furniture.

Did you know that a new sofa is a real investment and a decision you have to sit on for years to come. By this reason, that is why we have meticulously chosen a selection of contemporary designer sofas that will add a modern touch to your home. If you’re looking for a soft, comfortable sofa or a more formal sofa designs, our timeless collection of modern contemporary sofas include leather sofa sets, fabric sofa sets, wood sofas, corner sofas, sectional sofas, sofa beds, outdoor sofas, two-seater sofas, three-seater sofas, four-seater sofas and modular sofas that are designed by the most famous sofa designers in the world.

Many of the top furniture designers today also offer a huge breadth of options, including five and six seater sofas – even more, sofa lounge chairs and modern recliner sofas, each of which is available in different leathers and fabrics, colors and sizes. Whatever your home decorating style, taste and lifestyle, we know you’ll find the perfect fit in our luxury sofa collection.

From elegantly contemporary to retro curvy and beyond. From everyday sofas to statement pieces – these sofa designer collection is something has to suit every style and taste. Here, different type of sofas combine remarkable style with extreme comfort and the best quality, even made to the very highest standard and carefully designed.

You can find some of the latest sofa designs with apparently simple, yet infinitely complex pieces show how each single detail is carefully planned and executed to reach overall perfection. And even some of the best sofa designers presents texturizing effects, beautiful color finishes and fine quilting designed to embrace the body in a precious feeling of tactile and sensorial pleasure.

Anyone who has ever bought a new sofa knows that it can be a daunting business. Never look for a sofa that does not exceed your budget, but you are looking for a sofa that fits perfectly to the size of your room and that fits your style? Impossible.


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Before you make your purchase, you must evaluate a number of factors: how long do you expect to have this piece? Do you prefer natural padding to synthetic fabric? What do you think of a sofa bed? That said, there is a way to deceive the system is by calling on experts.

After going through this exhausting process more times than you would like or have ever imagined, interior designers can buy sofas with their eyes closed. Ok, maybe they keep their eyes open (for obvious reasons), but you understand the point. In terms of style, comfort, size and color, they know the best. So we asked some of our designers of choice: what kind of couch do you swear?

Patrick Douglas