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Interior Design at Home Depot - Latest Model 2018 / 2019

Home Depot Interior Design – You can now DIY and decorate your home in one step through The Home Depot thanks to a new exclusive partnership with virtual interior design service Laurel & Wolf.

Architectural Digest made the news stating that the Home Depot Pro Referral Service will integrate Home Depot’s existing Pro Referral service into Laurel & Wolf’s digital design platform, essentially referring its customers to Laurel & Wolf depending on their project needs, and designers will then create projects for customers using supplies from the Home Depot. So, Laurel & Wolf is the exclusive design platform in Home Depot’s Pro Referral program.

Starting from this moment, buyers will have the alternative to connect with a dedicated professional interior designer through Home Depot stores nationwide by utilizing Laurel & Wolf’s online platform to guide design projects. Home Depot customers will be able to explore additional ideas and discover new home products by working with Laurel & Wolf designers.

It can be concluded that the Home Depot’s Pro Referral Service will be integrated into Laurel & Wolf’s online platform as the only home services provider for shoppers looking for in-person professional help with installation needs after they receive their final design package. With this increasement will provides any Laurel & Wolf client the occasion to have a comprehensive experience to help exhaustive the implementation of their home design.

Leura Fine, Laurel & Wolf CEO and founder told, “We are excited to see how our designers will bring to life the incredible range of products sold at The Home Depot. Through this partnership, we are able to provide the ultimate modern platform for the millennial consumer who expects customization and services as a seamless integration into their shopping experience.”


Brief Reviews:

  1. The Home Depot is cooperating with online interior design service Laurel & Wolf.
  2. The cooperation will permit Home Depot shoppers to get advice from Laurel & Wolf designers online or in person, and Laurel & Wolf’s platform will include The Home Depot’s Pro Referral Service to help customers implement the designs.
  3. This way is one of the strategies from the Home Depot to stepping up their omnichannel sales in a thriving retail sector.


In-Depth Reviews:

At this time many home improvement stores or home improvement retailers have been on a short list of companies in the retail sector that have been turning in solid sales at a rather dark and dismal time for the rest of the sector. Earlier this year Home Depot said its net earnings jumped about 12%, while its ts first quarter earnings grew by 5% to almost $24 billion.

Retailers can expand its appeal to consumers already willing to spend when it comes to their homes thanks to the addition of home interior design services. Even, recently Moody’s Investors Service called home improvement one of the retail industry’s “bright spots for ongoing growth,” predicting 7.5% operating profit growth this year for the sector, just behind dollar stores’ 10% growth.

This has the practical and psychological reasons. The practical: For example, buyers still see a need to run to a home improvement store to browse and buy colors of paint. The psychological: The majority of home owners see spending on their homes as an investment not as a luxury or discretionary purchase. Other facts that we can see is about two thirds of homes in the U.S. are requiring more upkeep because it is old, and that rising home values and low interest rates are making such spending highly palatable.

According to research from One Click Retail, this type of initiative also gives Home Depot a profit over Amazon, whose sales in the category are growing more than five times as bricks-and-mortar sales. Amazon’s advantage of the American tools and home improvement market remains relatively low, but its 35% growth is handily outpacing overall sector growth of 6%.

Because the design company already incorporates shopping guidance as part of its post-design to-do advice, then the partnership with Laurel & Wolf is helpful not just for Home Depot customers, but also for the retailer itself.


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When the customers has finished creating an online account with Laurel & Wolf, Home Depot clients can then select the room(s) they’re interested in designing, fill out a brief questionnaire, select a design package, and start working directly with a designer to create a personalized space using resources, supplies & an increasing array of readymade decor & furniture products from the Home Depot.