Home Design Window Style

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Unique Window Shapes - 'WOW' Design 2018 / 2019

When we talk about the best window styles for your home interior and if new windows are in your future, you have come to the right place. In the images below, you will find home design window style in different types and colors, covering everything from simple window designs to modern window styles.

Windows will create and define the style of your home whether it is modern or traditional. Your windows will also make the air to keep it dry because they will allow natural light to flood your rooms during the day. You can choose nearly any window to suit with interior decoration of your home becuse there are many different types of windows that you can use to make up the construction of your home.

View our ten photos to discover a variety of window design styles and gain confidence for your next window-purchasing experience.


1. Interior Window and Door Trim Styles

Interior Window and Door Trim Styles - New Model 2018 / 2019

A well-designed interior door window trim makes a beautiful first impression and perfecting your home decor. Interior window style have an important role in your house, they give light, views, and architectural character.


2. Interior Bay Window Styles

Interior Bay Window Styles - Latest Design 2018 / 2019

Many advantages of interior bay windows such as natural light, amazing views, connections between indoors and out, window seats in cozy alcoves, and extra storage and floor space.


3. Interior Dormer Window Styles

Interior Dormer Windows - Modern Design 2018 / 2019

Consider to adding interior dormer windows if your home has a spacious block of roof, because the dormer windows can add height and light to your home’s interior, bring attention to certain areas of the facade, and can be used to balance your home’s exterior elements.


4. Transoms, Skylights, and High Windows

Interior Transom Window - New Design 2018 / 2019

Great ways to add natural light to a room without sacrificing privacy and wall or storage space are by installing transoms, skylights, and other high windows. Because they can be used to presenting beautiful sky and treetop views, bring the outdoors in, show off a ceiling’s striking pitch, and high windows can provide a valuable source of ventilation.


5. Interior Clerestory Windows

Interior Clerestory Windows - Popular Design 2018 / 2019

Interior clerestory windows usually located below one roof and above another and has many functions, such as bring light into spaces without compromising privacy and wall space, define rooflines, offer views of passing clouds, and highlight certain architectural details or areas of the ceiling. In the image above, interior clerestory windows flood the living room with natural light and maintain the integrity of the home’s exterior.


6. Interior Window Walls

Interior Window Walls - Latest Styles 2018 / 2019

Interior glass window walls can be used to maximizing views, bring natural light into spaces, and offer the airy openness of a sunroom and connect indoors and out. The photo above gives example of room that maintain a warm feel despite all the glass and also provide ways for melding traditional design with modern window walls through combinations of trimwork and glass.


7. Contemporary Interior Windows

Contemporary Interior Windows - Latest Model 2018 / 2019

Thanks to the latest technology that gives both style and energy efficiency, contemporary window design is limited only by the imagination. Therefore most of the modern architecture requires windows with a contemporary edge.


8. Interior Stained Glass Windows

Interior Stained Glass Windows - Most Famous 2018 / 2019

Easy way to make color and character to a neutral room and admit light without surrendering privacy is by installing stained glass windows. This antique stained glass windows looks so beautiful in this room.


9. Custom Interior Windows

Custom Interior Windows - Fresh Design 2018 / 2019

Custom interior wood windows might be suitable for your home if you want the windows in your home to make a specific architectural statement, or maybe your windows need to match the level of trim and detail seen elsewhere in your home.


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10. Unique Window Shapes

Unique Window Shapes - 'WOW' Design 2018 / 2019

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, from squares to circles and arches to keyholes. Unusual window shapes can be designed to match a certain historical style and can be a work of art. Take a look at the image above, unique window design emphasize architectural details and repeat themes found throughout the room and shows how to set the window size and adding decorative grillework.