Kitchen Table Sets Under 200

Whether you’re looking for kitchen table sets under 200 dollars? Make sure your kitchen is comfortable using kitchen table sets with the latest models at a price very cheap under 200 dollars. Create a beautiful touch with modern kitchen tables, or host the entire family with 7 piece dining set with bench.

We have both a formal dining room and a small dining room in the kitchen with a dining set for 4 people. Our kitchen set was very cheap as it is an old table and chairs that my wife has restored. He looks awesome and serves us well.

However, you do not need to buy a used kitchen table and chairs, then retouch to get a low-cost set. There are many kitchen tables under $ 200. We offer a fantastic selection here, as well as scroll galleries with many other options.

Here are top choices for the best kitchen sets under $ 200. Please note that we did not purchase these products. We select them based on customer feedback and personal taste.

Disclaimer: Please note that the price of options listed below was less than $ 200 at the time of publication of this article. We apologize if the prices have exceeded $ 200 since the publication.

Square. For small inexpensive kitchen sets, the saloon is very popular, especially the two-seater cars, like the one below. In a pinch, it could certainly accommodate 4 people, but it would be tight. You could not have dishes on the table in the manner of a family.

Round. I do not like round tables in general, because they take up as much space as squares, but have less surface area. However, I fully understand the interest of curved design and we therefore propose this small option. For your information, most kitchen tables under $ 200 are rather small. By increasing your budget from $ 350 to $ 400, you get a decent selection of larger options.

Rectangle. This is one of my favorites in this collection. My only beef is the backless chairs, but I really like the thick table top, the light wood color and the thick, solid feet.

Oval. This is a good size kitchen table for under $ 200. It’s pretty good too. It is long and narrow, which is suitable for small restoration areas. The curved backs of the chairs allow a more comfortable seating. The two-color is good too. All in all, it’s a solid buy for the money.

Wood. Wood is a classic material for tables and chairs. Although small, it is a nice set perfect for a small kitchen dining room. For the price, you get a solid set with solid chairs including even a cushion. Again, if you need something bigger, while some exist, you need to increase the budget slightly.


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Glass. I am not a glass table man. Not for lounge coffee tables, desks, dining room tables or kitchen tables. However, glass top tables are popular and in high demand. We would like to exclude an example from this collection simply because it is not my favorite style.

This is actually an excellent set. It’s big enough for the money. The table has a beautiful metal structure with matching chairs. Not a bad deal for the price.

Patrick Douglas