Small Living Room Design Ideas 2020 & Pictures for Your House

Most of small living room design ideas 2018 revolve around deceiving the eye into creating the room look wider. Such tricks can change a space that feels shortness and cramped become one area that feels broad and comfortable. Garnish with something that maximizes room and light, and give concern to how you use color, weight and scale. Because it can bring enough a difference.

Your small living room should be able to used as a room for entertain and relax with the whole your family. Here are the most popular ways to create your small living room appear more spacious.

Small Living Room Design 2017

Traditional Small Living Room Design

It’s appealing to attempt something new. Sometimes traditional small living room ideas are the clever solution for a room. Using blinds instead of curtains because they attract concern to vertical space, so  increasing the area of the room.

Small Elegant Living Room Design

Decorating Small Living Room with Mirrors

Some designers oftentimes put mirrors in small living rooms with the aim to create them look larger and wider. One of the most simple small living room design tips is to place a large mirror in a living room to make a focal point. And to add a nice atmosphere and reflect light perfectly, place it behind a light source such as a pendant or candle lamp. You can also put a mirror across from window so it will give the illusion of another window and reflect the view.

Small Living Room with High Ceilings

Small Living Room with High Ceilings

A space has a horizontal dimension as well as a vertical. If your living room have a high ceiling, you can make the extra space by adorning it in a way that attracts the eye upward. Floor-to-ceiling drapes are a clever method to reach this goal.

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Simple Living Room Design for Small House

Simple Living Room Design for Small House

Another idea for small living room is to fill in the vertical space with a menagerie of small to midsize artwork. This manner will create the space feel more spacious than it really is, since it attracts the eye to explore beyond the eye-level horizontal space that might look confined.

Eclectic Small Living Room Design

Small Living Room with Neutral Colors

One of the most popular small living room design ideas is the apply of neutral colors on walls, furniture upholstery, ceiling and floor. A palette of cream-coloured or off-whites will widen the room by appearing to encourage back the walls. Soft colors also incline to light up a space by reflecting illumination. In addition to expanding a small space, a neutral color also makes a calming surroundings and gives instant sophistication.

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Small Living Room Design with Sectional

Small Living Room Design with Sectional

Select sofa with a lightweight appearance at the time you buy sectional sofas, examine its visual weight. This idea points to the perceived heaviness of an object based on design, color and size.

Small Living Room with Dark Furniture

Small Living Room with Dark Furniture

Select dark colors for your furniture and use the furnishings that does not preclude views will make small living room look bigger.

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Small Living Room with Corner Sofa

Small Living Room with Corner Sofa

Tips for making a small living room look bigger would not be comprehensive without the suggestion to choose furniture that won’t defeat the space or look to dominate the room. A small corner sofa more suitable for your living room rather than a large corner sofa.

Small Living Room without Sofa

Small Living Room with 4 Chairs

If your living room is very small, you could do without a sofa at all, better opting four chairs around a coffee table or selecting a loveseat. When choosing chairs, consider armless chairs because they will need only little space rather than a design with arms.


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